GWK 0600 – Guy Wire 10ft Kit


The AP Solution™ GWK 0600 Guy Wire Kit from Anchor Products helps keep your expensive equipment from being knocked around and damaged, or worse, flying across the roof, creating expensive leaks and consequential damages. Sustained winds commonly exceed 50-60 mph throughout North America, that is enough to dislodge your rooftop accessories, blow your duct system off its base, move pipes, and tip over an exhaust stack, antenna, or flagpole, and anything else you need to secure with Guy Wires on your roof, causing damage to the equipment and your roof. The U-Anchor 2000 Series attachment by Anchor Products and the GWK 0600 has demonstrated performance in the harshest environments securing rooftop equipment in high wind conditions, including hurricanes and seismic conditions


10 ft of cable(1) Tie Down Bracket
(1) Turn Buckle
(2) Wire Rope Crimp
(10 FT) 3/16 Cable
(1) Cable Thimble
(1) 3/8″ Flat Washer
(1) FHN 3/8″-16

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 × 13.9 × 1.35 in